Training Class Enrollment Form

Complete and mail to:

Positive Way Dog Training

P.O. Box 510175

Livonia, MI 48151 

Make checks payable to: Positive Way


Owners Name:_________________________________________________




Home Phone Number:_______________________  Cell number:___________________________




Dogs Name:__________________ Breed_______________________ Age___________


Sex: ________   Spayed/Neutered:   Yes/ No


Class Selection (include date):  


Polite Puppy ___________ Basic Manners_________  Basic 2__________


Street Smarts___________  Clicks for Tricks__________   Other_____________


How did you hear about our classes?__________________________________________


What types of collars/leashes do you currently use?____________________________________


What books/videos/television shows and other resources have you referred to in order to educate


yourself about dogs and dog training?_____________________________________________________


I understand and agree that attendance at dog obedience training class is not without risk to myself, members of my family, guests or my dog, because some dogs to which we may be exposed may be difficult to control and may be the cause of injury, even when handled with the greatest care.


I hereby waive any and all rights of claim for damages arising from injuries received while involved with training sessions or activities given by Positive Way Dog Training and release Positive Way Dog Training, its employees, officers, members, trainers and agents from any liability of any nature, for injury or loss which I, my family, guests or dog may suffer.

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Class sizes are limited and are filled on a first paid basis. To reserve a spot in class, please fill out registration and return with payment at least 5 days prior to the start date of class. You will receive confirmation via e-mail or telephone. Please bring proof of vaccinations including DHLPP, Rabies (if old enough), Bordetella & negative fecal check to first night of class or send a copy along with this registration form. First night of Polite Puppy and Basic Manners class is orientation for owners only- NO DOGS.


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