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Positively Positive!

What Is Positive Reinforcement Training and How I Discovered It! by Laura Rescoe

Fun Activities For Your Dog (PDF) by Laura Rescoe

Ready, Set, Click! by Debi Davis (PDF) Great article that explains what Clicker Training is.



New Puppy Shopping Checklist (PDF) by Laura Rescoe

Puppy Vaccination and Socialization Should Go Together by Robert K. Anderson DVM



We have all heard things like, "Don't play tug with your dog, it causes then to be aggressive!" or "If you let your dog exit doorways ahead of you you're letting them be dominate." but are these things really true? Read on...

Fairy Tales: Top 10 Dog Behavior Myths by Jean Donaldson

Is being an Alpha or Dominate over your dog really necessary?

The Macho Myth by Dr.Ian Dunbar

Are You An "Alpha Male?" by Tom Matlack (The idea of the "alpha dog," that one member of a canine pack is dominant in all situations, is no longer accepted by scientists and animal behaviorists.)

Using 'Dominance' To Explain Dog Behavior Is Old Hat- Science Daily

Dog Training: Animal Experts Debunk the Alpha-Dog Myth



Is Invisible Fencing Safe? Here are some links to articles about Invisible Fencing:

Simply Shocking by Pat Miller

Dog Whispering?

The Dog Whisperer Controversy by Lisa Mullinax, CPDT

The Dog Whisperer Controversy part 2- answering the fans

Beyond Cesar Millan website containing articles written by top trainers, veterinarians, authors and animal behaviorist and what they are saying about Cesar Millan

Talk Softly and Carry a Carrot or a Big Stick? by Jean Donaldson, author of "The Culture Clash"

Review of "Cesar's Way" from Pat Miller of The Bark Magazine

The Original Dog Whisperer Paul Owens uses current positive training techniques unlike Cesar Millan the TV Dog Whisperer.

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Here are some articles that you can check out. Some may have been mentioned during training class as recommended reading but they are all worth checking out!