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Association of Pet Dog Trainers
Helps you locate and choose a good dog trainer.

Clicker Solutions
Info on Clicker Training.

Clicker Train
What is Clicker Training?

Gentle Leader Headcollar & Easy Walk Harness
Good video's showing how to fit and use both

Fun things to do with your dog.

Dr. P's Dog training
Lots of info on obedience training.

North American Flyball Association

Michigan Disc Dog Club
Frisbee Dogs!!!

Obedience Trials
Info on dog obedience training.

United States Dog Agility Association
Learn about Agility Training

Rally Obedience

Rally Obedience

Dog Scouts of America
Find troops in your area and also learn about Dog Camp!

Dog Games
Games to play with your dog.

Flying Aces
Professional Frisbee Disc Team (offering Disc Dog Shows)


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Dog Books and Magazines
Find books on dog friendly dog training. Also, check out some of the great dog magazines!

Dog Training Sites
Info on Obedience, Clicker Training, Agility, and other fun things to do with your dog .

Dog Parks
Links to local Dog Park Sites as well as informational sites.

Premium Dog Foods
Some of the best foods you can feed your dog!
Selecting a dog food

Online pet supplies
Looking for a great new toy or a cool new collar? Try these online stores.

Rescue Groups
Thinking of getting a Pure Bred Dog? Check Here First!
Breed Selector

The Truth About Puppy Mills
These sites look at the horrors that happen inside puppy mills.

Looking to Adopt? Check Out the Local Shelters and Humane Societies!

Thinking of breeding?
A site to visit before you even think about breeding your dog.

Misc. Links
Links to sites that do not fall under any other category.