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I am a huge advocate of feeding only the highest quality pet food to our pets. Many pet foods, even those that many consider "premium" contain low cost, low quality ingredients that are not optimal to your pet's health. I have included on this page a list of foods that are very high quality and contain none of the meat or poultry by-products or any of the low quality fillers such as Corn, Wheat or Soy commonly found in pet foods.
I do highly encourage you to do more research and reading about pet nutrition by purchasing books, reading online articles and subscribing to (or buying backorders of) Whole Dog Journal, which is a wonderful monthly publication with articles on dog nutrition, positive training, toy reviews, health care, etc. Each February they provide a list of the top dry dog foods along with why they chose them. http://www.whole-dog-journal.com/
A great online resource where you can see how your dog's food stacks up can be found here: http://www.dogfoodanalysis.com/
Here are web site links to the Super Premium foods that I have seen carried at South-East Michigan Pet Stores:

Blue Buffalo

Breeders Choice
Pinnacle Dog Food



-California Natural

Natural Balance

-Dry formulas
-Organic formulas
-Dog Food Rolls

Nature's Variety


Newman's Own Organics

Solid Gold

Steves Real Food

-Frozen Raw Diet

Timberwolf Organics



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