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Polite Puppy

Socialization and Basic Skills for your puppy


This class is offered to puppies who are up to 9 months old.

You will learn how to teach your puppy the basic obedience commands such as Sit, Down, Stand, Stay, Give, Leave It, Wait at doorways and to Come when called. They will also learn their names, learn to give you their attention, how to settle on a mat, and how to walk on a loose leash.

We will also address problem behavior such as jumping up on people as well as discussions on housetraining, nipping and biting and puppy management issues.

Your puppy will also have the opportunity to socialize with the other puppies through supervised play sessions.

All members of puppy's family are encouraged to attend these classes.

We look forward to having your puppy join our Polite Puppy Class!

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We provide group classes as well as private instruction. The focus is on teaching you to teach your dog using positive reinforcement/clicker training techniques. We are dedicated to helping your dog to become a polite member of your family. A dog that you will be proud to call your own!

Benefits include:

  • Professional, friendly instruction
  • Small class size
  • Training can begin at 8 weeks
  • Family participation encouraged
  • Handouts provided
  • Instructors continually further their education through seminars as well as through books and videos

To sign up for a class:
1. Print out Enrollment Form
2. Make a copy of your dogs current vaccine records
3. Mail both with check to:
Positive Way Dog Training
P.O. Box 510175 Livonia, MI 48151

Dog's must have up-to-date vaccinations
(DHLPP, Rabies & Bordetella)
If you do not send your dogs current vaccine records at time of enrollment please bring them first night of class.

For questions on group classes contact Laura Rescoe at 734-437-0148 laura@positiveway.us