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"My husband and I took our adopted pit bull to Laura's obedience l and ll classes. We were amazed at the wonderful changes in her behavior after just two sessions. Laura taught us better ways to encourage desired behaviors and discourage unwanted ones. Positive Way dog training helped us raise a faithful, attentive dog that we are proud to take on walks around our town. I recommend her to the many people who compliment us on our delightful dog. "

- Angelique Whitt
"Sheba" Pit Bull
Belleville, MI


"I was able to train my Standard Poodle to become a certified Therapy Dog because of Positive Way Dog Training - they are excellent!"

- Sharon Robinson
"Maya" Standard Poodle
Canton, MI


"They have turned their passion into their business. That is the recipe for success. I very much appreciate the positive methods used to help train my dogs. It's proven. I have taken both my dogs here and they are both extremely well behaved. In fact, one is a certified therapy dog making weekly visits with me to a local nursing home. There is no better testimonial for Positive Way Dog Training than that. Simply Wonderful."

- Jim McCabe
"Cody" & "Gus" mixed breeds
Livonia, MI


"I feel that Positive Way's Laura Rescoe has taught me to keep my dog, Layla, physically and mentally active. Positive Way is the perfect name for Laura's business because she gives constant encouragement & never gives up on a dog or an owner. Because of our obedience training, Layla & I enjoy visiting nursing homes each month. If you are considering training for your dog, I'm "positive" you'll love Positive Way! Thank you Laura!!"

- Cheryl Mandeville
"Layla" Golden Retriever
Livonia, MI


"I take my Golden Retriever, Marley, to both training and doggy day care with Laura. He loves it and we get compliments on his good behavior every day. I would recommend Positive Way Dog Training all around!"

- Kelly Milligan
"Marley" Golden Retriever
Belleville, MI


"Laura is a great trainer! She has helped me to train my German Shepherd Dog, Scout, for work as a therapy dog. Laura is very knowledgeable about dogs and has been able to help me through some training problems I was having with my dog. In addition to the classes I have taken with Laura, I have also attended Laura's dog park class and dogie day care which I highly recommend."

- Lori Carey
South Lyon, MI
"Scout" German Shepherd
Contact: ljcarey@umich.edu


"We worked with Positive Way with two high energy adopted shelter dogs. At Positive Way, the focus is on teaching the trainer/owner more than training the dog. The results are immediate and useful. I would recommend this service to anyone who wishes to train their dog or anyone who wants to learn more about dogs before adopting."

- Jeremy Reed


"Had lots of fun taking classes with Laura learned a lot, And was rewarded with two Therapy dogs"

- Vicki Spiceland
"Panda" Border Collie, and "Belle" German Shepherd
Allen Park, MI


"Laura is a superb trainer. Years of dog handling/training experience has made her one of the most knowledgeable in the canine world. Her training is practical and makes a great deal of sense when it comes to creating a bond between dog and owner. Willow, my eight-month old Lab continues to improve and impress others. Thanks Laura - from the both of us!"

- Deborah Rowsey
"Willow" Lab
Belleville, MI


"Caring, And very, Very helpful!!!"

- Kathie Mitchell
"Chewie" Greyhound
Livonia, MI


"My Sarah and I love training with Laura. Laura gives us the individual attention we need to work on some of the details and special training skills for Rally obedience. We always have fun because the atmosphere is so positive and Sarah just thrives on the motivation, rewards, and happy activities that are incorporated into the training. Since training with Laura she already has her Level 1 title and is 2/3 finished with her Level 2. "

- Ute Kent


"I have taken two puppies to be trained by Laura and a few other classes and dog park and would recommend Positive Way to everyone!"

- Lisa Pace


"Laura offers positive and upbeat training for dogs and owners. The dogs love going, and they are learning through having fun with their owner. Laura is also a strong supporter of rescue dogs, and offers discounts for many rescues."

- Faith Eidson
"King" Doberman & "Rory" Schipperke mix
Ypsilanti, MI
Contact: faithroof@hotmail.com


"Positive Way Dog Training is terrific. Our dog, Malachi, has been through a ton of Laura's classes and he has learned so much. Plus, he attends the dog daycare every week on Tuesday and has so much interacting with other dogs. He just adores Laura and gets so excited when he knows he is going to either class or daycare. "

- Chris Baisden
"Malachi" German Shepherd
Belleville, MI


"Laura Rescoe is an amazing trainer and I couldn't be happier with her program and the way it helped my dog. She is very motivating and very dedicated in helping each dog learn. She has an excellent and effective program where you learn with your dog the proper way to train for lifelong results. I would strongly recommend her program to everyone interested in a high quality training program for their pet."

- Pam Hull
"Bella" Golden Retriver
Redford, MI
Contact: Pame05@aol.com


"Positive Way Dog Training has made a great difference in our dogs' behavior! It provides other great support services as well, including day care and dog park activities. Thanks for all of the good work!"

- Jeanne Girard & John Depoli
"Tessa" Collie and "Chloe" White Shepherd mix


"Laura does a great job!! Teaches the puppies and the parents..."

- Shelley Rousse


"Positive Way is the best because Laura is so caring. I feel that she loves our Abby almost as much as my husband and I do. Training positively is so much fun for Abby, and she loves to learn. She was one year old when we adopted her and had some issues to overcome. She is now a wonderful addition to the family. She looks forward to further training and loves to do her "homework." "

- Judy Julie


"Laura is a great trainer and very knowledgeable in adjusting training techniques for dogs with "reactive/nervous" issues. Classes are affordable and I like how some are only for 4 weeks at a time - easy to commit to when you are busy! My dog loves her & I love the classes offered."

- Maureen LeBlanc


"I am from Ann Arbor and take my special breed of a dog to Positive Way in Belleville. They know about all breeds. My dog has completed several of their dog training sessions (puppy, obedience, dog park, tricks and agility). Never any worries about negative training or negative pet interactions. An absolute fun group. Worth the trip."

- Lauren Koch


"Laura is very dedicated to providing the best possible training for your dog. She also provides a fun atmosphere for you and your dog to learn. "

- Rhonda Cerone


"Positive Way Dog Training has been wonderful in training my first puppy MoJo. Laura is a great trainer and is very knowledgeable in dog behavior and training methods. I will continue to use Positive Way Dog Training in the future."

- Melissa Lee


"Positive Way is the Best!! And Laura is fabulous. We have been to her Training School with our pup, who is now almost 2 yrs old. Her methods are simple, fun and just plain work. I have recommended Positive Way Dog Training to all my friends."

- Kim Kelly-Kline
"Buddy" Weimaraner
Riverview, MI
Contact: kmkell2000@yahoo.com


"Very good positive reinforcement training with the clicker method. Laura is very enthusiastic and also has a wealth of knowledge on holistic dog care."

-Mary Sinkewiz
"Bosco" Black Lab


"Positive Way Dog Training is truly the most positive way to train your companion. They offer a variety of fun courses and certifications.

- Marlene Bacon


"A great way to bond with your dog and have fun while training. Laura is a fantastic trainer always up beat and determined to get the best out of you and your dog. Thank you to Positive Way Dog Training.........."

-Donna Carcone
"Justice" Boxer
Ypsilanti Twp.
Contact: Justice@the dogpen.com


"I have a 5 month old American Bulldog, Gracey. We have been taking her to the Positive Way Dog Training classes, Laura Roscoe is our trainer. I can't believe how Gracey is catching on to this type of training. I know that she, and I still have allot to learn, but it is actually fun to do! Laura is very friendly, patient, and supportive. I can see that she really loves working with us and our very special companions."

- Diane Tardif


"High energy, positive training. They offer a large variety of classes, both for training and for fun like agility and tricks. Dogs can start their training there from puppy on up. You can also do private lessons. Dogs love it there!"

- Paulette Naumoff


"Laura is patient in her teaching techniques. She always has alternative ways to teach various things if your dog or you aren't getting it. Our puppy became a well behaved dog and the whole family was allowed to participate. "

- Patty Pokrandt


"My dog loves the training!"

- Susan Bradley


"Laura at Possitive Way Dog Training has an approach that suits any dog. She educates the owner to understand a dog's behavior and why the think the way that they do and do the things that they do. She then instructs how to change bad behaviors and develop good ones. This was, to me, was incredibly valuable as I now know how to continue beyond her teachings as I now know what makes a dog 'tick'."

- Leon Carpenter


"The classes are fun and use positive based training. The doggies always have a great time."

- Elaine Engstrom


"I took my 9 year old Maltese for basic classes. I just wanted her to become a bit more comfortable around other dogs. Laura confidence was transmitted not only to my little dog, but to all the other puppies in the class. Laura has a "keen sense" of what a dog's needs are. Also, there is a lot of follow-up classes and careful supervision at the dog park. My little Tiffany did learn a lot...and so did I. Thank you Laura so much..."

- Margaret Phillips


"The trainers are very kind and patient. They are excellent in training dogs and people. I took 4 classes with them during my dog's first year of life. The advice and training they offered allowed me to have a well mannered and socialized puppy."

- Karen Skrzypek


"My dog was on the verge of being returned to the pound. I signed with positive way training and have a well behaved dog today! Most of the time anyway."

- Marsha Brown


"I love how the trainer Laura Rescoe teaches me to train my 9 year old Golden Lab Retriever Mix. She is very patient and positive, and I need that motivation to train my dog to become a certified Pet Therapy dog in the near future. Thank you Laura for such an awesome job in your business."

- Patty McCainMurray


"Trainer cares about your pets, is knowledgable, and "practices what she preaches.""

- John K. Weaver


""Positive Way Dog Training" has definitely been a huge accomplishment and great success for my dog, a Shiba Inu. As you may know, these dogs tend to be very independent and stubborn at times, but thanks to Laura and her wonderful training, she has made my dog not like the rest. Laura is a great trainer, one of the best!"

- Cathy Carlsen


"Excellent, effective, professional and informed training for my unruly puppy. Her method of positive reinforcement combined with teaching both parents and puppies clear boundaries works and all obedience skills learned become well ingrained."

- Whitnie Wolverton


"Laura was not only informative, but made our obedience classes a lot of fun! Roger has come such a long way since the class, and we owe it all to Laura and Positive Way! I would recommend this company to anyone who needs help training their dog!!! :)"

- Nathan Mazur


"Laura taught my puppy (who was a BAD puppy) how to behave and she made it so easy and was never mean to the dogs. My puppy, Abby, was barking throughout the whole class and bothering the other dogs and she never got upset and taught me great ways to deal with the bad behavior. Everyone who comes to visit says our dog is the best behaved dog ever and it's because of the puppy class we took."

- Bobbie Jones


"A very friendly atmosphere, where your dog is rewarded both by doing the right thing, and by having the right training."

- John Galvin


"Laura Rescoe, the owner of Positive Way Dog Training, is an unbelievable trainer. She has a true love and passion for dogs and gave us great advice while helping us with our new Shih Tzu puppy. It is by far the best dog training business out there!!"

- Cheryl Kuhn
"Muffin" Shih Tzu

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